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Moritz Glik

Moritz Glik

Moritz Glik Jewelry is an extraordinary brand that has revolutionized the concept of fine jewelry. Renowned for his signature "Kaleidoscope" designs, Moritz Glik combines exquisite gemstones with floating diamonds, encapsulated in a translucent sapphire or quartz chamber. Each piece is a wearable work of art, creating a mesmerizing and truly unique jewelry experience.

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Sold outBala Shaker CuffBala Shaker Cuff
Bala Shaker Cuff Sale price$5,700.00
Save $1,000.00Emerald Cut Emerald Ring
Emerald Cut Emerald Ring Sale price$6,850.00 Regular price$7,850.00
Save $300.00Esmeralda Ring Emerald
Esmeralda Ring Emerald Sale price$2,100.00 Regular price$2,400.00
Save $500.00Confetti Shaker Ring
Confetti Shaker Ring Sale price$2,200.00 Regular price$2,700.00
Save $300.00Ten Fourteen Petite Ring Blue
Ten Fourteen Petite Ring Blue Sale price$2,050.00 Regular price$2,350.00
Save $500.00Ten Fourteen Ruby Rose Gold Ring
Ten Fourteen Ruby Rose Gold Ring Sale price$4,200.00 Regular price$4,700.00
Save $300.00Core Diamond Shaker Ring - Round
Core Diamond Shaker Ring - Round Sale price$3,000.00 Regular price$3,300.00
Sold outTen Fourteen Petite RingTen Fourteen Petite Ring
Ten Fourteen Petite Ring Sale price$2,900.00
Save $500.00Core 12 Shaker Earrings
Core 12 Shaker Earrings Sale price$5,200.00 Regular price$5,700.00
Sold outCore Shaker BangleCore Shaker Bangle
Core Shaker Bangle Sale price$11,800.00
Save $500.00Core 12 Shaker Necklace
Core 12 Shaker Necklace Sale price$4,350.00 Regular price$4,850.00
Save $300.00Esmeralda Shaker NecklaceEsmeralda Shaker Necklace
Esmeralda Shaker Necklace Sale price$2,600.00 Regular price$2,900.00
Save $400.00Naipe Emerald Charm
Naipe Emerald Charm Sale price$1,900.00 Regular price$2,300.00
Save $300.00Naipe Sapphire Charm
Naipe Sapphire Charm Sale price$1,660.00 Regular price$1,960.00
Save $300.00Naipe Ruby Charm
Naipe Ruby Charm Sale price$1,660.00 Regular price$1,960.00
Snow Globe Shaker RingSnow Globe Shaker Ring
Snow Globe Shaker Ring Sale price$7,600.00
Sold outSave $2,280.00Snow Globe PendantSnow Globe Pendant
Snow Globe Pendant Sale price$7,670.00 Regular price$9,950.00