About us

Who We Are:

Welcome to Laura Z Tai, a home to prestige, quality-driven, fine Jewelry and watches.

Newly founded in 2019, Laura Z Tai’s vision is to bring a taste from international inspiration and fashion design. Our intent is to distinguish us among the community as a business that people can count on for unique timepieces to cherish, admire and pass down to generations.

Our management and staff are committed to providing a unique and personal experience with every client to satisfy that specific treasure. Our management draws from their years of experience in fashion industry to identify with today’s world trends and styles. Our goal is to satisfy clients’ needs for that distinguished watch, expressing their individual persona. What a client can imagine can be a reality in our store.


Where we are:

Our store is located at 101 North Queen Street, Lancaster PA. It lies in the heart of newly renovated community, a hotspot of vibrant and thriving downtown. Lancaster is in close proximity to many larger cities such as Philadelphia, Pittsburg, New York, Baltimore and Washington D.C.