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William Henry

William Henry is a distinguished luxury brand celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship and artistic mastery. Creating exquisite jewelry, accessories, and knives, each William Henry piece is a testament to impeccable design and meticulous attention to detail. With a fusion of rare materials and innovative techniques, William Henry offers a unique blend of elegance and rugged sophistication.

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Save $225.00B30 CentrifugeB30 Centrifuge
B30 Centrifuge Sale price$675.00 Regular price$900.00
Save $184.00F28 Burl
F28 Burl Sale price$566.00 Regular price$750.00
Save $99.00A200-1 Grey KiriniteA200-1 Grey Kirinite
A200-1 Grey Kirinite Sale price$296.00 Regular price$395.00
Save $688.00B05 Dragon FireB05 Dragon Fire
B05 Dragon Fire Sale price$2,062.00 Regular price$2,750.00
Save $225.00B05 GranadaB05 Granada
B05 Granada Sale price$675.00 Regular price$900.00
Save $184.00B09 Copper RiverB09 Copper River
B09 Copper River Sale price$566.00 Regular price$750.00
Save $334.00B10 MammutB10 Mammut
B10 Mammut Sale price$1,016.00 Regular price$1,350.00
Save $239.00B12 Everyday 1B12 Everyday 1
B12 Everyday 1 Sale price$736.00 Regular price$975.00
Save $184.00B04 Burnt Ridge 174B04 Burnt Ridge 174
B04 Burnt Ridge 174 Sale price$566.00 Regular price$750.00
Save $249.00F28 TuskF28 Tusk
F28 Tusk Sale price$746.00 Regular price$995.00
Zurich Aruba Money ClipsZurich Aruba Money Clips
Zurich Aruba Money Clips Sale price$495.00
M4 Red Sun Pharaoh Money ClipsM4 Red Sun Pharaoh Money Clips
BB7 DB RB MagmaBB7 DB RB Magma
BB7 DB RB Magma Sale price$596.00
Save $119.00BB37 MagicianBB37 Magician
BB37 Magician Sale price$356.00 Regular price$475.00
Save $314.00BB41 Golden HourBB41 Golden Hour
BB41 Golden Hour Sale price$936.00 Regular price$1,250.00
Save $94.00LC196 Black YosemiteLC196 Black Yosemite
LC196 Black Yosemite Sale price$281.00 Regular price$375.00
Save $94.00LC196 Brown RambleLC196 Brown Ramble
LC196 Brown Ramble Sale price$281.00 Regular price$375.00
Sold outSave $99.00La Grange Silver/BlackLa Grange Silver/Black
La Grange Silver/Black Sale price$296.00 Regular price$395.00
Save $173.00Mehen Snack RingMehen Snack Ring
Mehen Snack Ring Sale price$522.00 Regular price$695.00
Save $114.00Ophion Snack RingOphion Snack Ring
Ophion Snack Ring Sale price$336.00 Regular price$450.00
Save $99.00Glispa Snack RingGlispa Snack Ring
Glispa Snack Ring Sale price$296.00 Regular price$395.00
Save $82.00P44 Red Tiger EyeP44 Red Tiger Eye
P44 Red Tiger Eye Sale price$243.00 Regular price$325.00
Save $162.00P43 Mammoth Pinnacle PendantP43 Mammoth Pinnacle Pendant
P43 Mammoth Pinnacle Pendant Sale price$488.00 Regular price$650.00
Sold outZurich Kryton Money ClipsZurich Kryton Money Clips
Zurich Kryton Money Clips Sale price$395.00
Sold outP54 S-22" Tranquility Silver
Sold outP44 Labradorite ShiftP44 Labradorite Shift
P44 Labradorite Shift Sale price$375.00
Sold outBB6 MT BR ClanBB6 MT BR Clan
BB6 MT BR Clan Sale price$550.00
Sold outA100-2 Blue KiriniteA100-2 Blue Kirinite
A100-2 Blue Kirinite Sale price$350.00
Sold outB30 Green HornetB30 Green Hornet
B30 Green Hornet Sale price$850.00
Sold outF28 Tusk
F28 Tusk Sale price$995.00
Sold outB05 Scorch
B05 Scorch Sale price$1,050.00
Sold outB05 Blue HillsB05 Blue Hills
B05 Blue Hills Sale price$850.00
Sold outB09 AuraB09 Aura
B09 Aura Sale price$1,450.00
Sold outB05 The BluesB05 The Blues
B05 The Blues Sale price$800.00
Sold outB12 DignityB12 Dignity
B12 Dignity Sale price$3,450.00
Sold outB10 Scarlet PineB10 Scarlet Pine
B10 Scarlet Pine Sale price$825.00