Featured Designer: Moritz Glik

Featured Designer: Moritz Glik

Moritz Glik is a fine jewelry designer based in New York City. The work is deeply inspired by classical architecture and fine art. He blends traditional techniques with a playful, avant-garde sensibility. Glik's signature design is the Kaleidoscope Shaker. It is well known for its lively treatment of gemstones: white sapphire window panes house endless shimmering fragments of preciousness. Each piece stands alone as an object of beauty and comes to life as the wearer's movements encourage the stones' dance. Glik's sharp lines and refined details bring balance to designs that can be worn in any situation, from a day at the office to the red carpet.

Some of the distinctive of Mortiz Glik:

  • The Kaleidoscope Shakers windowpanes are made of white sapphire crystal (the same kind used in high-end watches)
  • They are extremely resistant and hard to break or scratch.
  • All pieces are made of 18k gold.
  • All stones are full-cut. We do NOT use broken stones.
  • All diamonds are conflict-free.

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