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Vhernier Jewelry, hailing from Italy, is a prestigious brand that epitomizes the country's rich heritage of craftsmanship and design. Renowned for its impeccable artistry, Vhernier combines Italian elegance with avant-garde concepts, producing captivating jewelry pieces. With a commitment to excellence, Vhernier continues to enchant the world with its exceptional creations.

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Abbraccio Large RingAbbraccio Large Ring
Abbraccio Large Ring Precio de oferta$6,700.00
Abbraccio Midi Ring
Abbraccio Midi Ring Precio de oferta$5,400.00
Ahorra $1,820.00Palloncino Ring with Blue LapisPalloncino Ring with Blue Lapis
Palloncino Ring with Blue Lapis Precio de oferta$2,730.00 Precio normal$4,550.00
Ahorra $3,540.00Palloncino Ring with White Mother of Pearl
Palloncino Ring with White Mother of Pearl Precio de oferta$5,310.00 Precio normal$8,850.00
Calla 18K Rose Gold Ring
Calla 18K Rose Gold Ring Precio de oferta$3,900.00
Ahorra $1,800.00Tourbillon STourbillon S
Tourbillon S Precio de oferta$3,500.00 Precio normal$5,300.00
Ahorra $1,365.00Single Palloncino Mini Earstud
Single Palloncino Mini Earstud Precio de oferta$3,185.00 Precio normal$4,550.00
Ahorra $2,715.00Abbraccio EarclipsAbbraccio Earclips
Abbraccio Earclips Precio de oferta$6,335.00 Precio normal$9,050.00
AgotadoCalla Midi Bracelet
Calla Midi Bracelet Precio de oferta$7,500.00