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Shihara Jewelry is a cutting-edge Japanese jewelry brand that has gained international acclaim for its minimalist and architectural designs. Founded by Yuta Ishihara, Shihara Jewelry focuses on geometric shapes and clean lines, creating sleek and modern pieces that redefine traditional notions of jewelry. Each creation is a testament to innovation and contemporary elegance. 

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Ahorra $180.00Yellow Gold Triangle earring 15mmYellow Gold Triangle earring 15mm
Yellow Gold Triangle earring 15mm Precio de oferta$325.00 Precio normal$505.00
Ahorra $208.00Yellow Gold Triangle Earring 20mmYellow Gold Triangle Earring 20mm
Yellow Gold Triangle Earring 20mm Precio de oferta$420.00 Precio normal$628.00
Ahorra $198.00Yellow Gold Square Earring 10mmYellow Gold Square Earring 10mm
Yellow Gold Square Earring 10mm Precio de oferta$350.00 Precio normal$548.00
Ahorra $233.00Yellow Gold Square Earring 15mmYellow Gold Square Earring 15mm
Yellow Gold Square Earring 15mm Precio de oferta$545.00 Precio normal$778.00
Ahorra $254.00Yellow Gold Rectangle EarringYellow Gold Rectangle Earring
Yellow Gold Rectangle Earring Precio de oferta$566.00 Precio normal$820.00
Ahorra $200.00Yellow Gold S Earring 03Yellow Gold S Earring 03
Yellow Gold S Earring 03 Precio de oferta$375.00 Precio normal$575.00
Ahorra $300.00Yellow Gold Twist Curl EarringYellow Gold Twist Curl Earring
Yellow Gold Twist Curl Earring Precio de oferta$698.00 Precio normal$998.00
AgotadoL Shaped Yellow Gold Diamond Post EarringL Shaped Yellow Gold Diamond Post Earring
Ahorra $200.00Z Shaped Diamond Post EarringZ Shaped Diamond Post Earring
Z Shaped Diamond Post Earring Precio de oferta$518.00 Precio normal$718.00
AgotadoDiamond Post EarringDiamond Post Earring
Diamond Post Earring Precio de oferta$738.00
Ahorra $180.0018K Yellow Gold Chain Earring18K Yellow Gold Chain Earring
18K Yellow Gold Chain Earring Precio de oferta$585.00 Precio normal$765.00
Ahorra $767.00Cube Adjustable NecklaceCube Adjustable Necklace
Cube Adjustable Necklace Precio de oferta$1,826.00 Precio normal$2,593.00
AgotadoBar Necklace 05Bar Necklace 05
Bar Necklace 05 Precio de oferta$5,183.00